Have You Really Tried Newspaper Advertising? ....Or just Tried At It?

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Before concluding that newspaper advertising doesn't pay take just a few seconds to rate yourself on these ten very important points. Within them may lie the key to the success or failure of your advertising program.

1. Have your advertisements been consistent and appealing so that readers look for them, or have them been scheduled on a hit or miss basis?

2. Have you taken full advantage of the newspaper service helps to advertisers? Using ad service magazines with illustrations suitable for any business; ad reprints for your store and show windows to stimulate readership of your ads, and at no extra cost; free layout services in case you do not know how or simply do not have the time to lay out your own ads; or publicity by way of news releases?

3. Have you attempted to get your ad in early so the advertising composing department can make up your advertising in the most attractive manner?

4. Have you taken advantage of the opportunity to run local ads concurrently with national advertisers in larger newspapers, magazines or television?

5. Have you displayed prominently the merchandise offer and dressed up your displays in your show windows?

6. Have you accepted your share of cooperative advertising available to most dealers on nationally-known products-which will make your advertising buy go twice as far?

7. Have you tried institutional advertising, explaining inner workings, policies, special services, and integrity of your firm?

8. Do you offer the products people want at the opportune time or use the newspaper merely to get rid of left overs and undesirable items?

9. Do you rely entirely on the newspaper to complete your selling job? Advertisements create and inspire potential customers to inspect your products. YOU must take over from there.

10. Most of all, is your advertising honest? Advertisers must stand 100% behind their products and the phases of their promotions. Have you been hollering "wolf" in your ads, marking regularly-priced merchandise as "bargain" and "sale", or playing up items short on supply as leaders and not being able to take care of the demand.

Newspaper advertising should not be discredited until it has been given a fair trial. It has reaped profits for others. It will do the same for you. Remember, as long as there is demand, goods and services will be sold. Wouldn't you rather have them bought from you? Let us help you!

Remember money spent at home stays at home! "There is no substitute for Newspaper Advertising!"