PHS Scholar Bowl Finishes sixth in Class 2 Scholar Bowl

Friday, May 19, 2017
Members of the PHS Scholar Bowl Team are, from left, Lance Richardson, Owen Wilson, Peyton Bullock, Hannah Thacker, and Chloe Whittemore.

Portageville High School hosted the Class 2 Sectional Scholar Bowl Tournament on Wednesday, April 26. Portageville faced Bloomfield High School in the best 2 out of 3 game format tournament. Portageville won the first match 350-200. Bloomfield took the second match 220-210. Portageville won the third match 290-280 to advance to the Class 2 State Scholar Bowl Tournament.

The Class 2 State Scholar Bowl Tournament was held Friday, May 5 at the University of Missouri-Columbia. Portageville faced Scotland County, a public school in Memphis, Missouri; Bishop LeBlond, a private school in St. Joseph, Missouri; and Calvary Lutheran, a private school in Jefferson City, Missouri. Portageville defeated Scotland County 250-170, fell to Bishop LeBlond 410-200, and lost to Calvary Lutheran 430-150. Portageville finished 6th in the state for Class 2.

Peyton Bullock, son Jeff and Tracy Bullock, was named to the Class 2 All-State Scholar Bowl Team. He was the second leading scorer in the state tournament.


The Portageville High School Scholarship Club represented on of the six schools making their first appearances at State Bowl contest (at least one in every class).

15 of 32 returning from last year (at least three in every class), including every defending champion, two second place, two third place, and one fourth place.

Three schools returned after 12 years or more absences (two missed no more than two state tournaments prior to their extended absences)

Class 2 schools have only one previous state championship, but more top four finishing schools than any other class.

10 schools seeking another state championship (including 6 of 8 schools that have won at least 3), representing 41 of 84 total state championships. Seven schools seeking to improve on a previous top four finish, and nine previous attendees seeking their first top four finish (4 seeking their first game win)