Kennett hospital to close behavioral health units

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Twin Rivers Regional Medical Center ended operations of the inpatient behavioral health units, both adolescent and adult, effective April 3, 2018. The hospital will no longer offer inpatient behavioral health services after this date.

“We came to this conclusion after carefully evaluating our operational plan for updating the behavioral health units,” said Christian Jones, the hospital’s chief executive officer. “Providing a safe environment of care is our highest priority.”

Renovation of the behavioral health units would have required substantial capital outlays, and temporarily relocating patients into another Twin Rivers inpatient unit that was not primarily designed to support inpatient behavioral health services.

Poplar Bluff Regional Medical Center, an affiliated hospital, has sufficient capacity to handle the additional volume of adult in-patient behavioral health care that would have previously been given in Kennett.

In August 2015, Poplar Bluff Regional Medical Center opened a new behavioral health center on the Westwood campus, expanding their adult capacity from 28 to 40 beds to provide comprehensive services to help individuals work through acute mental challenges, from crisis stabilization through therapeutic care. The center has a complete staff of physicians to meet patients’ needs, including a fully integrated tele-psych program where real-time, one-on-one therapy sessions take place.

Patients who are experiencing a medical emergency – behavioral health or otherwise – can always come to The Twin Rivers Regional Medical Center emergency room. The hospital’s experienced emergency department team is trained to provide emergency medical care and, if needed, can arrange for transfer to a higher level of care.

The hospital will also continue to work cooperatively with other local agencies in Kennett that provide behavioral health services.