Continued delays on repairing the new drainage system

Wednesday, June 13, 2018
A majority of the drainage pipes placed along McCrate Avenue in the fall of 2016 has collapsed. Four sink holes have now been created since then. City officials have been in contact with contractors and engineers to correct the situation. -Scott Seal photo

Over the past several months and several large rains in the area, the new drainage ditch has developed sink holes, four of the larger holes now have safety netting around them. "The wholes have been developing over time dirt washing into pipe. Every time it rains big they get bigger and sometimes new ones develop, said Portageville Mayor Denis McCrate.

Several Portageville residents are concerned if the new drainage system will ever get repaired.

In November 2016, the City of Portageville has filed a law suit against both the engineering firm and contractor. That case will be heard after the first of the year in the New Madrid County Courthouse.

Smith and Associates is the engineering firm in Poplar bluff, and the contractor is The Steve Pliemann Company of Oak Ridge, Mo. However, this case was sent to Scott County on a change of venue. That case was heard on May 24, but nothing has been discussed on this as of yet, according to McCrate.

The drainage system that was put in place in the fall of 2015, but has collapsed in several places in January 2016. 

At one time there was litigation between the engineering firm and the contractor as to who will pay to have the problem corrected. “It cost about $600,000 to have the new drainage pipes replaced. It will cost about $800,000 to dig up and replace,” said Alderman Berry said back in June 2016.

Back in January of 2016, Council members and city employees inspected the new pipes and found a majority of the new pipes have collapsed, some all the way, some partially.

The City of Portageville had worked with Smith and Associates to have large drainage pipes placed along McCrate Avenue that will move a large amount of water to Portage Bay.

In November 2016, city officials and engineers walked over the job site and placed flags on certain areas of concern. The City discussed with the contractors and the engineers as to what to do, and when will it be done.

What was hoped for with having the new drainage system in place to help move rain water, may have to look at more options to get the end result.

The city will continue to pay attention to the weather especially if a hard downpour is expected. The street department are one call when they may have to move water across the street, McCrate added.