Drainage Project discussed with recent rain

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

For almost two and a half years, the city drainage project along McCrate Avenue still is a major concern with City government and citizens. Not too soon after the new drainage system was installed, the large plastic pipes collapsed in several locations.

The drainage ditch located on the north side of McCrate Ave. from County Road 355 to Hwy. 162. The total length is 5100 sq. ft. The purpose of this project was to help alleviate flooding issues in the northeastern part of town. The Steve Pliemann Company of Oak Ridge, Mo did the work. He was contracted by City Engineer's, Smith and Associates from Poplar Bluff.

Last July, Timmy Farrenburg approached the council for the possibility of repairing the drainage work along McCrate Avenue. "This project is still in litigation," according to Alderman Vince Berry. The total cost of the project was just shy of $600,000, to dig it up and replace it could be $800,000 or more, according to Berry.

The case is being heard in the Scott County Courthouse with litigation between the City of Portageville, the engineering firm and the contractor.

Alderman Ray Staffey commented he noticed the ditches are filling up a lot quicker because of the collapsed pipes. “What else can be done to help prevent possible flooding?” he asked.

Street Department director Joey Walter, “For now, be ready for the pumps to start moving water across the road.”

In other business, Police Captain Freddie Hill had asked about Tasers for the police department, Mayor McCrate said, "The information packet just arrived today and it would be mid-month before we can discuss them.

Also, Fire Chief George DeLisle approach the Council appreciating them for ensuring the new fire truck. "It still needs a few more items for it to be fully capable of doing all that is intended to do. I am needing to get two intake valves, one for the back and another for the side mounts. Cost are between $900 and $1,000 each," he said. A motion was made and seconded for him to set the valves. DeLisle also said that the department has remodeled the inside of the fire department and is more efficient. And, the department would like to sell the 1939 fire struck and is housed in the fire department. By doing so, will give the department additional room, and additional funding when sold.

Currently, the City of Portageville has a contract with the Pemiscot County Sheltered Workshop in Hayti with a Bootheel Recycling Grant that will end June 30, 2019.

What is happening, is when the recycling trailers are taken to the workshop, the workers have to go through the trailers and separate the items before they can be recycled. It is like folks are just using the dumpsters as their trash can.

After much discussion, the Council is considering not using this service since it is not being used properly. The trailers are taken to Hayti three-four times a month. That said, the City will continue to use the trailers through June 2019.

Also discussed was the renewal of insurance health insurance with United Healthcare, and a possible Ameren Rebate Program with Southern Solar Systems.

After paying the monthly bills, the Council voted to go into an Executive session.

The next monthly meeting will be Monday, December 3rd.