Salvation Army on a Mission to Bring Joy

Thursday, November 15, 2018

New Madrid – While most Americans associate the Christmas season with happy gatherings of family and friends, there are many whose holiday spirits are crushed by the harsh realities of simply making ends meet. This holiday season, The Salvation Army in New Madrid

County will bring hope to local families who desperately need a helping hand.

“The Salvation Army will provide food, clothing and emergency assistance to New Madrid

County people in real need in our community at Christmastime, as we’ve done for well over 100

years in America. We need to raise dollars to accomplish this, and we won’t forget the children either. We’ll be sure to find some toys for those who would otherwise go without,” vows New

Madrid County Salvation Army representative Tonya Vannasdall. “What’s Christmas to a child without at least one special gift? That would be really sad!”

Traditionally, The Salvation Army’s bell ringers in New Madrid County help generate significant support for programs community-wide at their red kettles. However, bell ringers in

New Madrid County help generates significant support for programs community-wide at their red kettles. However, bell ringers continue to face restricted access in setting up kettles. Local donations are down due to the economy. Home foreclosures are unprecedented, unemployment is still a major problem, and prices for essentials are rising. All this contributes to an increase in families seeking help from the Army during the Christmas season, and an increase in the cost of providing help.

“In this period of economic uncertainty, our income just can’t meet the ever-growing needs,”

said Vannasdall. “But we need to care for our neighbors right here in New Madrid

County who face a most difficult Christmas season, struggling even to meet their most basic necessities. I’m confident our faithful friends and those new supporters who see the need will

share generously and won’t let them down.”

The Salvation Army will continue its dedication to doing the most good not only during the holiday season but year round. “Although our visibility is more heightened during the holidays, it is important for the community to know that our Army’s programs are ongoing. We don’t just hand out a blanket and a cup of coffee to a needy person,” said Vannasdall.

“We want to give them a hand up, to get them back on their feet and into a productive and fulfilling role in life. The Salvation Army’s motivation comes from faith in Jesus and we’ll help them regain their hope and purpose by sharing the good news of God’s love and offering support

in any way we can,” she explained.

To donate to The Salvation Army please call 573.748.2778, mail your gift to 420 Virginia Avenue, New Madrid, MO 63869.