First PHS alumni volleyball game

Monday, January 7, 2019
Portageville Alumni volleyball players that participated are, front, from left, Mary Long, Tellasha Luster, Madison Palmer, Tabatha Robbins, Candice Harper, Molly Frakes, Danielle Larry; back are, Samantha Pikey, Janika McIntyre, Mary Hannah Angotti, Kellye Fowler, Jessica Larry, Kelsi Jones, Sasha Starnes, Adrienne Duncan, and Jessica Wells. -Scott Seal photo

The Portageville Junior High Volleyball team sponsored its first Portageville Alumni Volleyball Games on Saturday, January 5th in the high school gymnasium.

Organizers hoped to have enough for four teams to do a round robin and then tournament play. They played by regular volleyball rules, best of 3 sets to 25, win by 2. At the beginning of the play, there were only two teams. The Younger team of the most recent graduates, and the “Old” team. the Old team won.