On the Road with Ellie

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Not quite like what you would see on the Sunday morning CBS show, but Ellie is “On the Road again!”

Ellie is the name of the 2015 Mini Cooper S two door that was adopted by Scott and Linda Seal. We have been on Mini trips more this past year than any other time.

Last April a very good friend of ours died un-expectantly. It was then, we decided to take advantage of life and take Mini road trips and enjoy life while we can.

We began taking their Mini trips a few years back we two goals to complete. One was to drive Historic Route US 66 from Chicago to California. However, we are having to do that in hitches, so far making it to the Texas border.

The other goal is to travel the USA visiting all of the Mini Cooper dealerships. This last weekend, we made it to numbers 15 and 16.

The trip started Friday night going to Springfield, Ill., home of the Cozy Dog. While traveling Route 66, this is one of the iconic tourist places to stop at. They have the best corn dog we have ever tasted, made fresh in their little kitchen.

Minions can come in many sizes. This is actually a grain bind painted to look like “Bob the Minion” This is in the out skirts of Ossian, Ind.
Scott Seal/staff

On Saturday, the Mini trip began to Indianapolis, In. to the Dreyer and Reinbold Mini dealership. However, we had to make another very important to Ossian, Ind. to see “The Minion” Grain Bind. Who doesn't like Minions? Getting there was very scenic to say the least, but is worth the trip.

At the dealership, there were a couple Mini convertibles that would have been nice setting in the drive way, but that is another story.

Later Saturday afternoon, we stopped at Mini of Cincinnati, the last stop for the weekend. Real nice folks there, but fortunately did not have car there that would look nice in the driveway. However, their office furniture chairs, if one would have fit in the boot, we would have brought it home. I am sure they would not have noticed it missing!

While we are at these other towns, we see things that we may have to make another trip to go visit.

Yes, we are already planning our next Mini road trip.